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As someone who has been a proponent for small business ownership,I must say that I love free enterprise.

As we all know,more and more people are finding out just how unstable the corporate world is.

I had my first taste of owning a business many years ago,and learned many valuable aspects of direct sales,and home business concepts.

Yes,I spend my share of time “in the field”.Investing hours and hours each day,doing one presentation after another.

To be quite honest,I loved it,and found a nice and modest level of success.Then it occurred.

I found that NOTHING I was doing was duplicate-able.I made money,but had a hard time teaching others to do the same.

Then something interesting happened.I found a much easier way to market. about me

From not knowing how to copy-and-paste,to being able to have websites and blogs ranked on the 1st pages of Google,Yahoo,and many other search engines worldwide.

I spend the next 18 months investing all of my energy into learning easy-to-use systems that would allow ANYONE,to learn what I knew,then share it with others.

I now am on a quest.Basically,to share what I know,and what I learn daily,with ANYONE who is looking for ways to make money online.

Thanks for taking the time out to get to know a little about me.

Troy (T.d)

Founder of Marketing Mastery Wiz


I also offer free daily marketing tips and training

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  1. Edna Cardwell

    I am a member of PLS and Lead Lightening and have been for some time, however, I have yet to learn how to use the programs to make money. My sponsor is someone else and I don’t expect that I can change that, but it looks as though you have a good marketing plan going on. My phone is 276 238 0916 and my email is Ecc@CenturyLink.net if you have any advise for me.


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