The Founder Movie Trailer – 60 Years And Still Teaching Good Business

Watch The Founder Movie Trailer,and be introduced to what is in my opinion,one of the greatest films about business in America.

Michael Keaton does a brilliant performance regarding the life,of Ray Kroc.

Honestly,Ray Kroc’s life is amazing.He takes away all excuses from anyone looking to become a small business owner.

You have a middle-aged 50 year-old man,who lived check-to-check selling commercial milk shake machines.

Based on his understanding of being persistent, and knowledge of marketing,he helped take a single fast-service burger restaurant to a multi-billion dollar empire.

Watch The Founder Movie trailer below.


What Can You Learn From The Founder Movie?


There are certain principles that can be learned from the movie about Ray Kroc.

In any successful business,(especially home based opportunities),there are specific qualities that many leaders share.

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Here are just a few things that you must have going for you,if you’d like to build a massive opportunity:

  1. Be Relentless – No matter what,develop a “never-quit” attitude.
  2. Create Duplication – If everyone is using the SAME exact system to build as your company leaders,success is inevitable.
  3. Focus on Massive Advertising – 80% of your time should be spent getting your opportunity in front of new people.
  4. Create a winning environment – Success breeds more success! Focus on massive results and then share them to others.

I hope the Founder Movie Trailer gets your entrepreneurial juices flowing.

If you have not done so yet,add this film to your movie business library.

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